Nourish, Protect, & Delight Your Pet

Here at The Playground, our aspiration and purpose is to provide the best experience for your best friend during her stay with us; at the same time giving you peace of mind that your pup is well-supervised, happy, and healthy. Our goal is to meet the individual needs of our boarders with the highest quality of care - we achieve this by providing 24-hour-care, using the Pack Method, so s/he never feels lonely or stressed.

During the day, your best friend will romp and frolic in our fun play areas for all sizes and age-ranges of dogs.

Between 7am and 7pm its play time in our large indoor/outdoor play areas. Throughout the day, the dogs get plenty of exercise, but also have the opportunity to sleep or relax on large futons in the playgroups if they'd like. They have loving attendants doting on them throughout the day, playing, snuggling and giving your best friend the best day ever.

We go the extra mile to eliminate the stress of boarding

At night, our happy, sleepy pups will retire to the communal sleeping rooms to recline on a custom-made (in the USA) Rover Mattress which is suspended on a sturdy canvas cot, with comfy blankets to cuddle with. Classical music is piped in to the sleeping areas to usher our furry friends into doggy dreamland. Besides our central heating, we add space heaters for pups who like extra-warm dream-lands.

Many boarding facilities keep a dog kennelled for most of the day and only allow them out for walks and playtime -- which are an additional charge!

We find that kennelling adds to any stress that a dog might feel being away from their home environment. So our method avoids that loneliness and stress by bringing your dog into our pack, all day and all night.

Besides the piece of mind which comes from knowing your best friend is never shut away, alone and lonely, there's another bonus to our 24 hour care: we only charge a flat rate! There are no extra charges for such simple things as regular exercising, play with people and toys, or affectionate attention.

Our amazing staff cleans throughout the day, as well as "big cleanings" at the end of every day.

Boarding at The Playground is available 365 days a year!

We offer generous pick-up and drop-off hours:

  • Mon-Fri 7am — 7pm
  • Sat-Sun 9am — 5pm

PLEASE NOTE: There is no pick-up or drop off outside scheduled hours

First-Time Boarders please click here for more information!
  • Please provide enough of your dog's usual food to last the duration of their stay with us. We will put in free yummies into their food to encourage them to eat with relish. (We are experts in turning dogs who won't eat if their humans aren't there into enthusiastic trencher-pups!) Also, please give us notes if your dog is on a diet and shouldn't be fed more than a certain amount. (Any left over food will be returned.)
  • We provide clean dishes, as well as the free treats!
    Medication and other Things We Need To Know:
  • Please give us any medications your dog will need to take during their stay with us. Typed notes with medication dosage amounts/times are appreciated. Indeed, anything you think we might need to know, write it down for us! The more we know about your best friend to make their stay with us easier, the better!
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CITIPETS' Playground

2253 Shafter Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124
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(415) 282-3330

Boarding is available 365 days a year!
Daycare & Boarding Pick-Up & Drop-Off:
  • MON-FRI 7am — 7pm
  • SAT-SUN 9am — 5pm

There is no pick-up or drop off outside scheduled hours

First-Time Boarders please click here for more information!

CITIPETS retail store

183 West Portal Ave
San Francisco, CA 94127
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(415) 564-1183

Store Hours
  • MON-SAT 11am—7pm
  • SUNDAY  11am—6pm
*Closed for lunch 2-2:30pm


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