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Please join us on Wednesday, April 16 to show some love for our Bay Area dog walkers and say NO to the GGNRA!

Citipets The Playground Dog Walking

CITIPETS will be out there! We hope you will, too!

Wednesday, April 16, 4:30 PM
Fort Mason, San Francisco
Meet at the parking lot near Building B
March to GGNRA headquarters, Fort Mason Building 201

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The GGNRA and the Presidio Trust plan to implement an “interim” rule to go into effect almost immediately that will restrict professional dog walking on GGNRA lands. No matter that professional dog walking rules are included in the GGNRA’s dog management proposal that is going through an official government review process; apparently the GGNRA has decided that it can just select a part of its proposed plan and push it through without following its own process. And it has selected to target professional dog walkers in an effort to divide and conquer the dog community. Here’s what the interim rule will do:

  • Allow the GGNRA to implement part of its “dog management plan” without completing the official government process it’s been going through and without even having read the comments that were recently submitted in response to the latest version of its plan.
  • Push many professional dog walkers into city parks, which are less restrictive, overwhelming the parks and their users.
  • Harm small professional dog walking businesses and the Bay Area residents who depend on their services.
  • Reduce the exercise and socialization dogs experience when they’re out with professional dog walkers instead of being stuck indoors all day long while their owners are at work. Dogs are better behaved when well exercised.

Endorsed by Bay Woof, Crissy Field Dog Group, DogPAC of San Francisco, Ft. Funston Dog Walkers, Ft. Funston Professional Dog Walkers Coalition, Marin County DOG, Montara Dog Group, San Francisco Professional Dog Walkers Association, Save Off Leash Dog Walking, SFDOG.

To read more about the proposed interim rule, go to

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